Television eXchange Point - TVX

TVX enables reception of many TV channels from various broadcasters in one location. Here broadcasters, cable TVs and ISPs who provide end customers with television service come together.

TVX is located in PLIX DC datacenter in LIM building in Warsaw. This is the same place where biggest Polish Internet eXchange Point (PLIX) is located, having already connected more than 170 members.

TVX provides cable TVs and IPTV operators with access to an unlimited number of TV channels with better quality than offered by satellite access. Satellite's signal can be distorted due to the weather conditions. Additionally, bandwidth in satellites' transponders is precious, which leads to broadcasting only a chosen, most popular channel selection. The channels are heavily compressed so they do not take too much of the bandwidth. This is done at the cost of channels' quality, which is noticeable by the end users who watch TV on ever bigger and better TV-sets.

TVX is an answer to the satellite transmission constraints: broadcasters can transmit any number of channels with highest picture and sound quality without worrying about satellite's bandwidth and weather conditions.