Colocation in PLIX

PLIX cooperates with company PLIX DC, which offers colocation services.

PLIX DC provides services in two colocation centers (PLIX DC1 and PLIX DC2), which are located in LIM building in Warsaw, where every telecommunication operator active in Poland has its presence.

PLIX DC is a neutral company offering a carrier-independent colocation in LIM building.

Colocation canters are supervised and maintained by PLIX NOC working 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

Special offer for PLIX members

PLIX members can colocate a one rack unit (1U) network switch under the following terms:

  • Installation Fee: 150 PLN
  • Monthly Fee: 150 PLN
  • Electric energy fee: a lump sum calculated on 70% of nominal equipment power consumption and charged quarterly.

Colocating a network switch in PLIX DC enables not only access to PLIX Internet eXchange Point, but also:

  • Buying operator-grade Internet access from Tier-1 operators,
  • Receiving IPTV signal from different providers,
  • Buying VoIP services,
  • Establishing direct cross-connects to other operators.

Colocation offer details

Colocation offer includes:

  • Leasing of a whole (42U) rack (19”, 600x1070mm),,
  • Leasing of 1U dedicated for PLIX members’ network switches,
  • Fiber pair lease to the most important locations in LIM building, where telecommunication operators and ISPs are located (floors: -2, +1, +3, +3 (LIM PBX), +13, +42),
  • Easy and quick connection to PLIX Internet eXchange Point,
  • Ability to cross-connect to all Tier-1 operators present in Poland and to other operators located in LIM.

We provide:

  • Power supply from the two independent power network connections,
  • AC power provided as two independent power feeds to each rack,
  • DC power on request (may require additional charges),
  • The best power supply continuity guarantee in LIM:
    • Two Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units,
    • Own diesel power generator (the only one in the building).
  • Redundant HVAC system guaranteeing air temperature and humidity,
  • Antistatic or raised floor (depending on a given datacenter),
  • Collocated equipment security:
    • Person authorisation based on ID documents and access lists,
    • Electronic access cards to datacenters,
    • CCTV monitoring.
  • 24-hours access to the collocated equipment,
  • remote-hands and remote-eyes services provided by NOC,
  • cross-connects installation services.


Do you charge for cross-connects between racks?
We charge a fixed monthly fee of 100 PLN spent on maintaining a high level of service to our customers and the continued development and expansion of the data center. We do not charge monthly fees for cross-connects to PLIX services or between Customer's equipment.

Can I install cross-connect myself?
No, all cross-connects are installed by PLIX DC.

Do you provide connectivity to other operators in the building?
Yes, we provide such connectivity. We lease fiber pairs in our own infrastructure in LIM building to floors -2, +1, +3, +3 (LIM PBX), +13 and +42. For our clients we also install additional cabling on a given floor in order to reach an operator to whom the client wants to connect to.

Can I bring in my own rack to the PLIX DC?
We do not provide such service in our standard offer, but if such a need arises please contact us at e-mail sales@plix.pl .

What are the rules governing equipment access in your colocation?
Access to the collocated equipment is possible at any time, provided it was requested prior to the visit. Our NOC works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the whole year.

Do you provide an emergency power supply?
Yes. Our datacenters are equipped with UPS systems. Additionally, we own the only diesel power generator in the building, which guarantees power supply for our datacenters in a highly unlikely scenario of a longer power outage. Our colocation availability in 2009 was 100%.

Sales contact

In order to receive a colocation offer please contact our sales representative

Information stated above does not constitute offer in the terms of civil code.